Coil to Steel Sheet


The company’s continuous technological development guarantees precision, performance, efficiency, flexibility and safety throughout the supply chain. With its three flattening, brushing, package marking and automatic labelling lines, the company offers tailor-made services to its customers. Investments in business intelligence and innovation in management systems to ensure precise control of all business flows, transparency and traceability have led to improved responsiveness at every stage of the process to serve a market whose needs are constantly changing.

flattening lines

Thanks to its advanced technology and highly qualified staff, Sidastico boasts three flattening lines with thicknesses ranging from 0.6 mm to 25 mm, offering its customers sheets of all sizes, even in customised formats.


  • Obtain sheets with a perfectly flat surface
  • Eliminate corrugation in steel sheets
  • Guarantee top quality products
  • Save time and budget for the end customer who receives a product ready for further processing

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