Sidastico S.p.A.’s logistics facility covers an area of approximately 20,000 square metres and is fully covered to ensure the safe storage of coils and steel sheets ready for loading and the optimal handling of finished products during shipment.

Sidastico S.p.A. uses state-of-the-art infrastructures and centralised management to guarantee an efficient and high-quality service. Raw materials and finished products are managed and handled using state-of-the-art overhead travelling cranes with high maximum lifting capacities for heavy loads. Sidastico guarantees punctuality, information, traceability and transparency of deliveries, reserving access to real-time logistic cycle information for loyal customers with significant turnover.

Inventory management of raw materials and finished products plays a key role in the customer satisfaction process.
The logistics and warehouse management structure enables us to meet the specific scheduling requirements of our customers, such as JUST IN TIME and KANBAN.

In-house processing and local contracts allow continuous replenishment of packaging materials, ensuring that adequate levels of protective materials are always available..

Sidastico S.p.A. offers an accurate delivery service by land and sea for your steel sheet orders, in Italy and in more than 40 other countries.

Sidastico S.p.A. also offers its customers an on-line logistics system that allows them to check the status of their orders at any time. For orders delivered ex works, Sidastico allows you to book your own loading space; for orders delivered by any means, it allows you to access in real time the transport documents relating to the shipment of your orders, the manufacturer’s certificates of the steel sheets shipped.

Contact your Sidastico Sales Manager to obtain your user code and password to access the Sidastico online logistics system.

N.B.: For all orders delivered “FCA Sidastico”, it is very important to read and strictly follow the Sidastico Loading Conditions in order to avoid unpleasant incidents for which Sidastico cannot be held responsible.

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