Sidastico S.p.A. is able to customise the marking of steel sheets according to specific requirements, in order to offer its customers a personalised service.. There are different types of marking and the result can be permanent or erasable, naturally without damage to the steel.

Sidastico offers two types of steel sheet marking:

Semi-permanent ink marking
Using special ink-jet printers positioned in the cutting line, each sheet is semi-permanently marked on one edge and lengthways with a variable number of characters and/or graphics.


The standard ink marking includes the following information:

  • Sidastico or the Name of the purchasing Company
  • Type of steel supplied
  • Heat number assigned to the steel mill and also indicated in the EN10024-3.1certificate, i.e. the unique identifier applied to the coil by the manufacturer, allowing each steel sheet to be matched to the manufacturer's certificate.

These standard specifications can be supplemented or replaced at the customer's request.

The ink used for marking is erasable with normal solvents/thinners and does not affect the physical properties of the material; however, ink marking may be contraindicated for special surface treatments such as cataphoretic coating.


N.B.: Any request for sheets not to be marked or to be marked with special information must be made in writing by the purchaser in the order proposal.

Punch marking physically and permanently engraves a series of up to 38 characters, numbers and spaces on one side of each steel sheet. The depth of the engraving is designed to ensure that the strength of the material is not compromised and that the parameters set out in EN10163 are never exceeded.

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