Steel sheet labelling

Product labelling is an essential process to ensure the traceability of steel sheet bundles at all stages of their life.. Sidastico S.p.A. uses a labelling system to monitor the location of steel sheets in real time, displaying all the factory information, so that all operators can optimise their handling flow. The system adopted allows managing in the best possible way the shipping and storage logistics, with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of all those involved in the supply chain, from the operator to the carrier and the customer. The main traceability tool used in the labelling process is the barcode on each adhesive label attached to each bundle.
Our labelling system accurately provides a wide range of information to ensure several effective operational control processes:

Transparency and Traceability

of products from different stakeholders

Operational Efficiency

Sorting and loading

Service tailored

to customers' needs

Error mitigation

during checks

Sidastico’s coils’ levelling lines are equipped with automated labellers, connected to the orders’ database.


An adhesive label with the following standard information is affixed to each bundle:

  • Sidatico’s details
  • Customer’s details
  • Shipping address
  • Grade
  • Cast
  • Heat
  • Product Norm
  • Type of material test (EN10204-3.1 / 2.2 …)
  • Steel sheet dimensions
  • Number of steel sheets contained in the bundle
  • Weight of the bundle
  • Bundle number (bundle ID)
  • Sidastico’s order confirmation number
  • Customer’s order proposal number
  • Available for some sizes also as pickled and oiled

On written request and after consulting Sidastico, the label can be customised according to the customer’s needs.
Make sure that the request for customised bundle labelling is clearly indicated in the order proposal to Sidastico S.p.A. and for any special requirements, please contact your Sidastico Sales Manager.


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