Trimming is performed by removing part of the product edge to reduce the sheet width according to the customer’s requirements. The use of this type of process in the design stage can be useful in defining specific parameters in certain processing steps, thus providing an operational advantage in the application of the finished product and/or component.

This process can add value to the product and improve its functional characteristics in terms of durability and safety, as well as improving scrap efficiency in subsequent processing steps. The result of the trimming process is product uniformity in line with standardised mass production. The correct implementation of trimming processes requires experience and absolute accuracy through specific information to avoid even the slightest deviation from the final result.

The benefits of a correct trimming process are:

  • Tailored product
  • Reduction of waste in further processing
  • Increased end-user satisfaction at all stages

Sidastico S.p.A. offers a trimming service using a 2130 mm levelling line equipped with an in-line trimmer that, during longitudinal cutting, allows:

  • Obtaining steel sheets with trimmed edges from raw-edge coils with a maximum thickness of 6 mm
  • Reducing the sheet width to a maximum of 70mm from the initial coil width.

In-line trimming is only available for coils up to 6mm thick and up to 2130mm wide. Trimming inevitably leads to a reduction in sheet width compared to the initial width of the coil with raw edges. In general, the minimum guaranteed width after edge trimming is equal to the nominal width of the coil minus a deviation equal to 6 times the thickness of the coil itself; for example, for a 3×1500 coil, the minimum guaranteed width after trimming is 1482 mm, i.e. the minimum guaranteed width of the coil with raw edges according to EN10051 (1500 mm) minus the thickness of 3 mm multiplied by 6.

N.B.: The in-line edge trimming service is available on request at an additional cost and with a minimum order quantity.

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