Brushing and vacuum cleaning of surface scale

Attention to detail and surface finish are the hallmarks of Sidastico S.p.A. products. Sidastico finishes are special treatments carried out on request to remove any impurities, steel dust (scale) and micro flakes, in order to obtain a smooth and homogeneous surface, ideal for the most delicate subsequent processes.
Scale is produced during the hot working of steel products and appears as a powdery coating or as micro flakes formed by the combination of iron oxide, magnetite and haematite.

Both of Sidastico’s flattening lines are equipped with multiple brushing and scale vacuum sections where the scale naturally present on the surface of the steel sheet is removed by the action of rotating carbon fibre brushes, sucked up by a special system, collected in special containers outside the Sidastico plant and completely recycled.

Steel sheets that have undergone a steel brushing and scale removal treatment have a surface that is particularly suitable for laser cutting.

This treatment can be a viable alternative to pickling since brushed steel sheets:

  • Do not require oiling, as brushing preserves the natural protective layer of surface oxidation that pickling completely removes;
  • Do not require the costly oil removal process, which is necessary to paint pickled steel sheets;
  • Provide a surface suitable for laser cutting at a fraction of the cost of pickling

N.B.: The scale brushing and vacuum service can be provided on request and at an extra cost.


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