Our  expectations for the 2019 edition of Made in Steel were high; the three-day event is by far the most important trade show for the European steel business so Sidastico worked hard to be ready for the opening on May 14th.

New logo, new stand, new colours:  many pieces of the puzzle came together at the very last minute or so, transforming that subtle anxiety into a great feeling of accomplishment and into pure excitement.

Customers, suppliers and old friends who visited our stand  in Made in Steel shared with us the pleasure of getting together and of doing business with Sidastico,  which is getting stronger by the day and which is always looking forward to taking up the challenges that the steel world will bring.

A special “thank you” goes  to all the visitors who took the time to visit our stand, at times also to wait in line for a talk.

And our even more special thanks go to the internal and external collaborators who, in the three days of  Made in Steel and even more in the previous months, gave the best of their dedication and passion to make this event so very successful.