Packing and labelling

Packing and labeling of the steel plates.

Packaging of the steel plates is offered by Sidastico in the following solutions:

Standard packing for steel sheetspdf_icon

Packing with strap posts on the steel sheets pdf_icon

Packing on pallets pdf_icon

Both the Sidastico sheet flattening systems are also equipped with automatic labeling.

Each package is fitted with an adhesive label with the following standard information:

  • Sidastico data
  • Customer data
  • Destination address
  • Material quality
  • Lot
  • Specimen
  • Material standards
  • Material testing type (EN10204-3.1 / 2.2 …)
  • Dimensions of the steel plate
  • Number of the steel sheets that make up the package
  • Package weight
  • Package number (package ID)
  • Sidastico order confirmation number
  • Client order number

Upon request it is possible to customize the writing on the label, and if agreed, place additional labels on the packages.