Year 2018 marks unprecedented records for Sidastico both in terms of turnover and tonnage.


The records scored in 2017 and 2016 have been surpassed, which accounts for three years of exceptional growth.

New investments in staff training and the introduction of technological improvements on the existing plants allowed to bring the total turnover to 79 million Euro and to 115.000 tons of shipped sheets in carbon steel grades.

With investments in the area of 3,5 million Euro, Sidastico established itself as a leader amongst levelling service centers and looks forward with great ambition to providing customers with the highest quality and service standards.

With a workforce of 41 employees, almost stable over the last three years, Sidastico is taking up the many challenges posed by the new year, aiming to consolidate the good results achieved so far and to deliver performances in line with an increasingly complex and difficult market.