Eco-sustainability and the Sidastico steel sheet service center.

Sidastico, throughout its entire steel flattening and cutting process and additional processing, takes great care in respect to the environment.

Constant technological development at Sidastico guarantees precision, power, efficiency, flexibility and safety, always under the aegis of maximum respect for the environment: our systems are 100% powered by self-generated solar power, and the byproducts of the steel processes are completely recycled.

The Sidastico solar energy plant, operational since 2011, is completely integrated and covers a surface area of about 8,000 m² with maximum yield of 688 kW/hour, 800,000 kW/year.

The plant also operates based on a “net metering” system, according to which all of the produced power is consumed directly onsite at our sheet steel service centre; any unused energy is released into the mains network, significantly reducing loss due to transport and transformation.