Brushing and vacuum scale removing


Both of the Sidastico sheet flattening systems are fitted with steel brushing sections with scale vacuuming, through which the scale naturally present on the surface of the steel sheet is removed using rotating brushes in carbon fiber, then vacuumed by the system and collected outside of the Sidastico facility in dedicated containers, after which it is completely recycled.

The sheets subjected to the steel brushing treatment and vacuuming of scale have a surface that is particularly suited to laser cutting.

This treatment is a good alternative to pickling, since the brushed steel sheets:

  • do not require any oiling, because brushing the plates preserves the natural protective layer of superficial oxidation that pickling completely removes;
  • do not require the costly removal of oil in order to paint the pickled steel sheets;
  • have a service suited to laser cutting at a fraction of the cost of pickling

The steel brushing service is optional and therefore provided upon request.