Pressurised compartments require production with special high strength steel resistant to high temperatures, and the Sidastico steel sheet service centre has extensive, qualified experience in this specific sector.


Steel for pressurised compartments is used for all applications where the internal pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure; these types of high temperature steel are characterized by their main feature, resistance to pressure, at any temperature.

The special steel is therefore a guarantee of safety and seal for high temperature, high pressure applications.

High temperature steel is available in the basic version, for pressurised compartments and traditional boilers, as well as in the version “chrome-molybdenum steel” (16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5 and ASME Sa387), with even greater resistance to high temperatures/pressure and to elevated mechanical stress thanks to an even higher percentage of chrome, molybdenum and nickel.

Sidastico, with its specialised sheet cutting service centre, has vast experience in the processing this type of special steel along with other types, all fundamental, for example, in the transport sector and other sectors.
Uses of high temperature steel

Tanks for compressed gas, boilers, gas tanks, road tankers, burners, heat exchangers and piping, laser cutting, plasma cutting and oxy-cutting, etc.
Available qualities

* Quality also available in coils sheets with width 2500mm