Our service centre is specialized in processing corten® steel sheets: this is a special steel used in particular in the construction sector.

Thanks to the alloys that contribute to the creation of a permanent superficial and self-regenerating protective layer in a brown color, corten® steel, in addition to excellent mechanical resistance, also adds high resistance to corrosion caused by exposure to atmospheric elements, up to 8 times greater than normal structural steel.

Corten® steel sheets do not require extra costs for galvanizing, and if painted the corten® steel sheets reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, because they consist of a high strength steel that self-protects from corrosion if scratched or chipped in the painted layer.

The name CORTEN® STEEL is derived from its main characteristics:

CORrosion resistance: high resistance to corrosion
TENsile strength: high mechanical resistance.

The most well-known brands of corten® steel are:

  • Corten Steel A® / S355J0WP: commonly known as “phosphorus steel” (P), an element that favors increased protective oxidation; used primarily for architectural applications.
  • Corten Steel B® / S355J2W: used for structures subjected to intense stress, this special steel can also resist low temperatures.

Use of corten® steel sheets

Exhaust recovery pipes, chimneys, transport railway cars, containers, silos, bridges, ornamental and architectural structures, continuous facades (construction sector), guard rails, road barriers, etc.


* Quality also available in coils sheets with width 2500mm